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About Global Visa Mart

It is our sincere endeavor to become one of the most reliable and trust worthy organizations in Bangladesh.Our strength is state of the art office with all the latest technology, Internet, Tele Video Conferencing facility, 24 hours contact number. We are well equipped with vast database for all categories of manpower.

Our managerial and technical staff is well-trained, time tested and highly efficient to handle all aspects of recruitment / head hunting, screening, validating /. Innovative interview techniques help recriut the right candidate for a right job.

Expertise in Visa / Emigration & Documentation.

We have own trade test center and engage other facilities with certified TPI Agencies when required.

We ensure clients maximum satisfaction at minimum cost and efforts. 

Call: +8809666700111

Our Mision

Our mission is to promote native engineers, technicians and civil workers, each of them has own life goals and dreams focused on the prosperity of the family or loved ones and personal development. In this sense I wish to ask the esteemed Employers from wealthy countries of The Middle East and Europe to treat Employees from Bangladesh kindly. They will certainly do their best to your satisfaction.

Our Vision

Our vision is that our recruited workers and students sooner or later will become the citizens of the world.

Our Infrastructure

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Why Global Visa Mart Immigration?

Since our founding, our primary goal has been to provide immigration in all over country and universities. Our impact is speak louder than our word.

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